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Gun Control…

I think that we as a people seriously need to sit down and reconsider our values. Instead of screaming 2nd amendment rights why not take a real hard look at what that basic “right” is doing to the youth of today. You have unstable people acquiring high powered ASSAULT RIFLES and quiet literally mowing down innocent bystanders. This “right” is letting people who are “having a bad day” take out their frustrations in a way that is irredeemable. And God forbid anyone try and take away this basic “right” because we’re Americans! And it’s our fundamental “right” to have access to these weapons and take out a classroom of fucking children, children. I want one of you to seriously look me in the end and explain to me why stricter gun control is not needed. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

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    people don’t just own assault rifles you know assault rifles are sorta illegal also children die of much more horrible...
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